Amie (dependonyou) wrote in divination,

Perhaps a Stupid, Annoying Question

... from a stupid and annoying n00b to this community. ^_~

Okay, I'll be serious. I stumbled across this community in my search for an answer to this question, and knew immediately that I had to join. I'm not as well versed in divination methods as I would like, and I am a bit out of practice. However, I had a feeling that I would be welcomed here, and I hope that I am proven right. ^_^

The question that led me here? Well, perhaps I should give some explanation. I am in a swapping community, full_moon_swaps and, for one of my swaps, I am... making a booklet / pamphlet giving brief (1-3 page) discriptions (with some historical information and usages in some instances) of various divination methods. I am making this an A-Z book. Right now, I am at Q... and this particular letter has me STUMPED. The closest thing I can even begin to fathom, even with massive google-fu searches, is the following:

Qabalistic interpretations of tarot

Well, that really isn't a divination METHOD. It's a method of interpreting something, yes, but in and of itself I am not aware of it being a method. Perhaps someone here is aware of something or could search for something that I was otherwise unable to find? I hope that everyone here can help me, and, if not, at least I'm here! Hopefully I will be sharing more with everyone soon.

Now I'm off to see if I can find R-Z and finish this. ^____^
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