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Draw Three

The Tarot of Gemstones and Crystals
Interpretations by: Helmut G. Hofmann

Past: Five of Coins
Gemstone/Crystal: Citrine
This precious stone brings protection and a feeling of trust and security.  It helps us achieve our objectives and overcome difficulties.  Citrine also helps us to acknowledge and accept our role in life.
Interpretation: Back luck, error, loss, destitution, poverty, torment, lack, dissatisfaction, money problems.  Seeking help.  Love, tenderness
I seem to be getting a lot of the same readings these last few days.  This particular cards is speaking to me about something from a past that is really what i consider past.  Not so much the immediate.  But it still comes up cause it's something I have yet to overcome myself.  Citrine is considered one of my stones, i should probably carry it one me.

Present: Six of Wands
Gemstone/Crystal: Green Tourmaline
This stone releases mental easing blocks, as well as Removing our dealings with other people.  Removing outdated thought patterns, makes room for creativity and new goals.  As a result, high standing and affluence follow.
Interpretation: Victory, bit of good news, successful completion, hope.

Again this ties in with my previous readings and flows nicely from the card above.  I am making new goals and making changes in my life and my mental state.  Mostly cause every now and again you have to sit down and dust the cobwebs out and toss out old no longer used junk.

Future: Page of Swords
Gemstone/Crystal: Garnet
Garnet gives joy and vital energy, has a restorative effect, provides energy, and strenghten our courage.  It shows us how we can develop love from the physcail aspect to the area of the heart.  It promotes self-trust and strengthens our courage to face life.
Interpretation: Sense of understanding, flexibility, encouraging activities.  Young helper.  Conflict, aggression

I'm not really sure what this card is referring to.  Hopefully it will make more sense when i get there.  But right now I'm not getting really anything out of it.

Wild: Ace of Swords
Gemstone/Crystal: Quartz Crystal
Through it's clear, energetic vibration, the quartz crystal shows us the path to perception and harmony.  It helps us think clearly and therefore produces more creativity and resolution.  It also assists meditation and firms the intuition.
Interpretation: Resolution, self-confidence, strenght, clarity of thought, conquest, success, opportunity.

It would seem that whatever I am striving for i will achieve.  That's good to know.  But like all paths they won't always be smooth and well trodden.

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