Lady Merencara (airforcegrrl) wrote in divination,
Lady Merencara

Draw Three

Text by Dennis Fairchild
Illustrations by Julie Paschkis

Past: Page of Wands
Meaning: Tact and diplomacy will bring the best results.  People are in a generous mood, so don't hesitate to ask for assistance and get matters your chest.
The boy in this picture is holding a lantern before him and is reaching as well as looking behind him.  He seems to be asking whoever is behind him to catch up with him.  I also sense that if he doesn't look where he's going he might trip.  Perhaps i should watch where i step.

Present: The Sun - 19
Meaning: Any personal growth you achieve now will be linked to self-expression.  Say what you feel when you feel it.  Accept criticism and admit mistakes.  Enthusiasm and self-assurance bring results.  A promotion is on the horizon.
In this picture there is a giant sun riding the horizon above a large rooster being ridden by a very joyous man.  His arms upraised as the rooster crows welcoming the new day.  I'm getting the sense that i should wake up and enjoy the day.  Wake up and smell the coffee.  The promotion part is true, but i'm not getting so much a central focus on that.

Future: Queen of Pentacles
Meaning: You may be doubting your ability to live up to your responsibilities.  Believe in yourself, but don't look for too much approval from others at this time.  Rewards will arrive when you work independently, in your own way.
There is a woman  with a vine growing behind her and she's reaching up to pluck the fruit growing from it.  I'm getting the sense of reaping what one sows as well as fertility.  I suppose it's good i'm on the pill as well as almost done with my period.  Course there are other types of fertility...

Wild: The Moon - 18
Meaning: People are acting clannish and ver emotional.  Don't join the crowd.  Read between the lines.  Your intuition is very strong right now, but you're still likely to be deceived.  This is not the time to start anything new.  Have patience.
There is an owl flying below a full moon with a waning crescent.  I'm getting the sense of messages received or being delivered.  As well as being guided by a spirit guide of some sort.

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