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Draw Three

Native American Tarot Deck
Instructions: Magda Gonzalez
Illustrations: J.A. Gonzalez

For this deck I normally use the recommended Kacina Knife spread.
This is a five-card spread used for questions that can be answered yes or no.  Cards 1 and 2 are the heart of the matter in question and form the hilt of the blade.  Card 3 forms the handle and signifies past influences.  Card 4 is the base of the blade and signifies the present.  Card 5 is the point and signifies the future.  Card 1 is placed to the left.  Card 2 is placed to the right, Card 3 is above and between Cards 1 and 2.  Card 4 is below and between Cards 1 and 2 and Card 5 is directly below Card 4.

Heart - Card 1: Six of Pipes - Victory (Six of Wands)
The essence of Victory is a warning to avoid extreme ambition.  Moderation is the key in reaching one's aims and goals.
In this card there is a huge battle going on with Custer in the middle.  I get the sense of being in the center of the fray.  Right in the thick of it all.  Custer is almost acting as a division between the indians behind him and the americans in front of him.  He's cocky too.  I'm being told that being in the thick and being in charge is all fine when you don't let it go to your head.

Heart - Card 2: The Sun - 19
The Sun means happiness, high spirits, and acceptance of life.
In this picture there is a giant Aztec wheel shining bright above a little boy and little girl.  The boy is giggling and pointing up at the wheel and the girl is looking out at me.  I get a deep spiritual connection between the two of them.  A sense of friendship and belonging.  A friends forever feeling.

Past: Ten of Shields - Harvest (Ten of Coins)
The essence of Harvest is new methods.  A change of viewpoint brings knowledge, wisdom and rewards.  However, one must always keep in mind, "A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing."
There is an indian bent down harvesting what appears to be grain.  I get the sense of hard work and reaping what one sows.  But not so much.  Being mindful of what you do.  His knife is cutting towards him when it should be cutting away.  A fiesty grain could cause undo damage to oneself if the blade slips.

Present: The Hermit - 9
This card symbolized the Father, wisdom and fertility in its most exalted sense.  Here is the entire mystery of life in it's most secret way.
Honestly I'm not getting anything from this card except a sense of anger cause he reminds me of someone I very much dislike.  He's laughing at me.

Future: Medicine Wheel - 10 (Wheel of Fortune)
This card reprsents the continually changing universe.  Here is the supreme  unity of attainment and joy ruled by that incalculable factor - the element of luck.
There is a lot going on in this card.  There are 4 stages of the day in the sky at once, dawn, midday, dusk, and moon rising.  The stick in the center of the wheel is casting a shadow of all stages.  I'm getting the sense of changes coming.  Moving from one wheel to another.

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