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The Fey Tarot
Written by: Riccardo Minetti
Artwork by: Mara Aghem

Past: Three of Pentacles
Simple Meaning: Occupation, commerce, art and ability for the benefit of others.  Also fervour and desire to be realised.
I get the impression of working too hard with very little return.  Story of one's life it would seem at times.  It feels like you're pouring your heart and soul into something, slaving away thinking it's the greatest thing ever created, but no one else see's it that way.

Present: Eight of Swords
Simple Meaning: Imprisonment, to be impotent and defenseless.  The ability to support arrogance, insolence, the use of force against one's rights.  The refusal to bend in the face of adversity and to stoop to compromise.
This card represents a cross roads, but one you aren't in control of.  On one hand the sword could cut the binds freeing the bound faerie.  In the other hand the sword could cut her life down.  Her fate isn't in her hands, but that of her captor.

Future: Two of Pentacles
Simple Meaning: Novelty, messages, growth, links between small and large, between material and spiritual.
I see a connection, between the spritual and the material as the meaning states.  The solidness of ones own flesh bound to this Earth.  Along with the free motion of one's spirit with the Universe.  These two are extemely important for at times one cannot exist without the other.

Wild: Four of Pentacles
Simple Meaning: Avarice, jealousy, slave to riches, slave to one's habits.
This card shows tunnel vision.  Seeing only what one wants to see, refusing to look at the broader picture.  The chained faerie needs only to look past his enslavement to see the key at his feet.  He's too caught up in his predictament to notice. 

I appologize for the late posting.  This weekend proved to be filled with a few twists and turns :)
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