i_evolve (i_evolve) wrote in divination,

True or false:

Pendulums can be used to forecast the likelihood of future events.

I've been told no, but lately I've been giving it a try (asking my spirit guides if I can/should ask about the issue first of course), and so far I've had a 100% success rate. Coincidence or no?
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That is a very good question...I've been debating with myself on it for the past several days.

I've known of pendulum divination for years, and have experimented with it at times. It seems to me that I can alter the course of the pendulum just by thinking about it, and with no discernible movements, but I'm still not entirely certain.
It is not advised to use it as a predicting tool.. for one, your own thoughts/energies/what-have-you are more apt to influence which way the pendulum moves, thereby nullifying the attempt; for another, it is generally not wise to do that to begin with, heh.

They are more for detecting things, so I gather. I'm no pro at the pendulum, but all I have learned is that it should not be relied on heavily for some things.