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What is a good book for Numerology? Right now all I have is Simple Numerology which gave some good information but not a whole lot on how to interpret everything. Specifically the pinnacles and challenges. Any book that could give a guide on understanding the pinnacles and challenges of numerology better would be helpful. Its difficult to understand them in regards to the birth path number and name number and all that jazz.
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The best book by far that I have found on numerology is by Hans Decoz. It's simply called Numerology. But he has a great site online with much the same information.


(My domino is b/c I am a 1 in Expression and Personality and a 9 for Life Path and Soul Urge)
Hi there...the only numerology book I have is Numerology for Dummies. I know some people get offended by the "dummies" books, but it is pretty thorough, and there's enough humor and real life application to make it an interesting read. Good luck!